Instant Data LakeTM

Introducing the Metasense Instant Data LakeTM

What is IDL?

Our Instant Data Lake is an enterprise-scale healthcare Big Data management tool.  It is a Cloudera-based HIPAA-compliant Hadoop infrastructure with auto-ingestion.  IDL is a rapidly-implemented cloud-based data infrastructure for new cloud entrants and veterans alike.

Implement enterprise-scale big
data management quickly and easily.

Turbo charge your productivity with
big data automation and intelligent

Monetize your data – drive more
revenue and delight customers.

Our Instant Data Lake is a Cloudera-
based HIPAA-compliant Hadoop
infrastructure with auto-ingestion.

Here’s how it works:

Activate your own enterprise-scale data lake in under an hour (we’ll help you set it up right).

Plug in your favorite BI and visualization tools.

Tap Metasense’s comprehensive customer support to ensure your success.

Special Introductory Pricing

We take care of setup for you

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