It's time to think differently...about managing data to drive insights.

Clinical initiatives are increasing. Provider effectiveness is an opportunity. Health outcomes are at stake. Patient privacy is mandatory. Improved ROI and business agility are no longer optional.

The Metasense Difference

Metasense Analytics Is Creating the Agile Analytics System for healthcare.

Our system combines the critical elements that support faster, more effective data insights delivery — from targeted product modules to customized services.

We make the new data-to-insights process real in four steps:



Our cognitive data intake module, combined with its soon-to-come intelligent unification module for multiple data formats, uses artificial intelligence to accelerate your data to insights process. Easily ingest large file volumes, EDI and Non-EDI formats, and multiple healthcare file types without delays.



Self-service doesn’t mean compromising security, governance, and scalability. Affordably store, authorize and securely share HIPAA compliant data across your enterprise on a plan that grows with your needs.



Nimble and simple modules make you highly responsive to your customer. Gain the empowerment of self-service data management, the flexibility of business rules vs. coding, and a robust partnership capability to support your success.



We’re disrupting pricing and service in the healthcare data solutions sector. Select the modules you need—integrate them with your existing infrastructure. Rely on our data professionals to customize your data-to-insights acceleration to your satisfaction—guaranteed.